We Sell ICONic Boyz Shirts, Stickers, & more.


 Cost: The price of our T-shirt's depend on how many rows there are. We usually price each row at $3. But it also depends on how many letter are in the row. We can also use different colors and styles of T-shirt's. Lighter colors will most likely last a long time and will turn out better. Tell us what color you would want and what size.(:

Design: You can chose from one of our designs in the pictures or you can tell us a specific design you want. You can make the design any color you want. The design can be for anything you want. It doesnt have to be an ICONic Boyz shirt. It can say anything you want. Just tell us the color, style, and size of the shirt, what you want it to say, and we will make the design. We send a picture of the design before we actually make the shirt.
Just contact us with any questions or orders. Tell us the style and color of your shirt, the size, how many rows,and what type of design or what you want the shirt to say. You could also tell us a certain quote, saying, person, etc. and we will design your shirt for you. After you contact us, we will give you the address to send the money to, and we will include instructions on how to wash the shirt. If you would rather contact us on twitter, visit @kelllllllllllls , or @nickmarasbabe_  


This is for twitter members only (: We just started our website and we would like to get more people to see the website and order something. So we came up with a contest to get more people to see it ! Here are the choices you can choose from;
1. Make a tweet, or tweets, to any ICONic boy and get them to mention this website, saying something like "everyone look at this website!" And get at least one order.
2. Get any three ICONic boyz to RT a tweet containing the URL to this website. And get one order.
3. Take a picture of you, or with your friends, holding up a sign saying to visit this website, and tweet it. For this one you have to get at least 3 people to order a shirt. So tweet all your followers!
4. Simply make tweets containing the URL and my twitter name, @kelllllllllllls, and get 6 people to order shirts.
5. Make a video with a couple of friends saying to visit my website, tweet it, and tag me in it. Then, get 2 people to order a shirt!

Winner: I will choose two winners, or more, according to who completes the contest! They will get a shirt of there choice as long as its under $20. If you get really close to the requirement, ill still count you as a winner and give you stickers & a drawing. Anyone who does the contest will get a drawing no matter what.  (:

For all of these, make sure my name, @kelllllllllllls , is tagged in the tweet so i know that you tweeted it. Once you get anyone to order a shirt, make sure you tell them to fill in the box below and order it. Or have them tweet me. Make sure they add your twitter name so i know how many people you got to order one. You can get anyone to order a shirt, even if they dont have a twitter. Just make sure they mention your name in the order box. Whenever you read this, you can start the contest(: But make sure you tweet @kelllllllllllls that your gonna do this contest, and what number your gonna do. If you decide to change what number your gonna do then tell me! The dead line for signing up for this is August 3. Like i said, start whenever you want. The dead line for the whole contest is August 15. ! any comments or questions, ? tweet me or use the box below ! MAKE SURE YOU TWEET ME IF YOUR DOING THE CONTEST. !

    Have any questions? (: